Colloquium Africanum 2, Köln 2007
Aridity, Change and Conflict in Africa
edited by Michael Bollig, Olaf Bubenzer, Ralf Vogelsang  & Hans-Peter Wotzka

- 471 pp.
- 23 figures
- 16 bw. photographs
- 4 colour photographs
- 17 maps
- 24 tables
- paperback, size 17 x 23 cm.

ISBN 978-3-927688-33-9
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Topography, soils and vegetation

Olaf Bubenzer, Andreas Bolten & Mathias Ritter
Scale-specific geomorphometry of arid regions: Examples from the Eastern Sahara

Fayez Alaily
Soil patterns and land use potential in the central Eastern Sahara, southwestern Egypt

Gunter Menz, Jochen Richters & Torsten Welle
Assessing impacts of global change on regional and local scales by means of remote sensing:
Case studies from northern Namibia


Game, livestock and mobility

Achilles Gautier
Animal domestication in North Africa

Nadja Pöllath
History hidden in bones: Holocene environmental change in northwestern Sudan

Heiko Riemer
When hunters started herding: Pastro-foragers and the complexity of Holocene economic change
in the Western Desert of Egypt

Barbara Eichhorn & Ralf Vogelsang
A pristine landscape? Archaeological and archaeobotanical research in the Skeleton Coast Park, northwestern Namibia

Violence, conflict and identities
Kennedy Agade Mkutu
New factors in pastoral conflict in the North Rift of northeastern Africa

Matthias Österle
Armed economies, militarised identities, excessive violence: Automatic rifles and the transformation of nomadic pastoralism in northwestern Kenya

Larissa Förster
Between Waterberg and Ohamakari: Namibian landscapes of memory

Michael Schnegg
Battling borderlands: Causes and consequences of an early German colonial war in Namibia

Ute Dieckmann
The predicament of ethnicity: Evidence from the Hai||om struggle, Namibia

Susanne Berzborn
Identity politics in the Richtersveld Land Claim, South Africa


State, land and crisis

Juan Carlos Moreno García
The state and the organisation of the rural landscape in 3rd millennium BC pharaonic Egypt

Carmen Jung
Rain in ancient Egypt: A linguistic approach

Michael Taylor
Community Based Natural Resource Management (CBNRM) and pastoral development in Botswana:
Implications for Sand land rights

Ben Cousins & Aninka Claassens
Communal tenure systems in South Africa: Past, present and future

Georgios Chatzoudis
The history of the name ‘Namibia’

Julia Pauli & Michael Schnegg
“Blood tests with the eyes”: Negotiating conjugal relations during the HIV/AIDS crisis in rural Namibia

Harri Siiskonen
The Namibian mainline churches and HIV/AIDS