Africa Explorata 2, Köln 2002
Heinrich Barth:
The original Latin text of Barth's dissertation from 1844 with German and English translations, with a contribution by Christiane Dehl-von Kaenel and a compilation by Peter Kremer of all publications of and con-cerning Heinrich Barth

- 216 pp.
- 5 portraits showing Barth
- linen-bound, size 21,1 x 14,8 cm

ISBN 3-927688-21-5

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This dissertation, accomplished in 1844 and herewith available in three languages, marks the starting point of Heinrich Barth's scientific work as the most significant German researcher in Africa. In his oeuvre Barth successfully integrates aspects of cultural history, linguistics, ethnography and geography in a manner entirely unusual for the 19th Century. His thesis proves that already at the beginning of his scientific career his views were shaped by the geographical role of the Mediterranean. For him the coastline formed the tie through which the economic and cultural connections between the people and cultures of three continents were established. Unfortunately, in his short lifetime, Barth was not granted the pleasure of completing his monographic portrayal of all the coastal countries of the Mediterranean, which he had researched whilst travelling the region himself. Barth's real scientific reputation was founded with the release of his five-volume opus about his travels through the Sahara and Sudan between 1850 and 1855. Still today this can serve as a primary source, particularly on the history of West Africa. Barth's quote below shows his modern, universal historic perspective and, for that time, his surprisingly prejudice free view of African culture and history. "Also the population movements in Central Africa have their history and it is only if they become part and parcel of the total picture of the history of the human race, can you begin to draw close to a conclusion of the latter." It is exactly this broad view, covered in his early works, that may have contributed to Barth being recognised for his exemplary role as mediator between Africa and the Old World. In addition to this, the complete bibliography compiled by Peter Kremer is a significant help for anyone wanting to find out more about Heinrich Barth.