Africa Praehistorica 10, Köln 1998
Harald Pager:

Concept and text by Tilman Lenssen-Erz,
edited by Rudolph Kuper

Tome 1:
- 424 pp., 382 pp. of rock art reproductions
- 8 colour photographs, maps, many line illustrations
- hardcover, half linen-bound, size 24 x 34 cm
Tome 2:
- 222 pp., 200 pp. of tables
- line illustrations
- 10 folded plates
     thereof 5 plates 96 x 132 cm
     another 5 plates 66 x 96 cm
- hardcover box, size 24 x 34 cm

ISBN 3-927688-16-9

Recommended price: 60,00 EUR

The Brandberg in Namibia overlooks two entirely different landscapes: while in the South the barren lands of the Namib Desert characterize its hinterland, its northern side is close to the river oasis of the Ugab Rivier with its surrounding savannah where even elephants encounter the Brandberg. Umuab and Karoab are the two principal gorges on this northern side of the mountain. The early explorers of this region considered the area to be particularly wild and almost void of rock art. However the thorough research of Harald Pager in these gorges revealed them both to be affluent rock art areas. In fact two of the richest rock art sites in Namibia are found here, both exhibiting more than 1,000 figures including two lifesize human figures, true giants of rock art.
To meet the challenging task of publishing this treasure trove adequately the huge figures and extensive friezes have been reproduced on large folded plates which accompany this book in a separate box. More than 8,200 figures have been catalogued and are reproduced in black and white, thus continuing this successful series of catalogues (see also Africa Praehistorica 7and 12). Eight colour plates complete the presentation, providing an impression of the landscape as well as of the colourful splendour of the paintings.