Africa Praehistorica 3, Köln 1991
Jürgen Richter:

- 345 pp.
- 208 figures
- 47 maps
- 34 bw. photographs
- 30 tables
- 56 plates
- English and French summaries
- hardcover, half linen-bound, size 21 x 28 cm

ISBN 3-927688-04-5

Recommended price: 20,00 EUR

Rock art research done in Namibia since the 1960's by Ernst R. Scherz and Harald Pager on behalf of the University of Cologne and financed by "Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft" soon evoked questions about the age and nature of prehistoric paintings and engravings. Archaeological excavation of rock art sites, it was hoped, would help to establish a cultural sequence which was then still poorly understood. Thus, since 1968, Wolfgang E. Wendt has conducted 45 excavations throughout the country, among these the famous cave of Apollo 11.
The present author has analysed 13 of Wendt's excavations in the surroundings of the Brandberg. Additional data from 31 other excavations carried out north of the Tropic of Capricorn before 1985 have been compiled for comparison. The stratigraphic results and the related landscapes allow us to connect prehistoric lifeways during the last 10,000 years with their changing environments and to establish a chronological sequence for Northern Namibia, in which also rock art can be included by good arguments.