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NEAPPO - technical information

The technical know-how of the paste and temper analysis was firstly established in Cologne by Renate Liermann during the 1980ies (B.O.S. project) under the direction of Rudolph Kuper. For the preparation of potsherds, we use a Wirtz grinding machine with two wheels and diamond abrasives. The polished section of the potsherd can then be studied with the binocular or the microscope.

Classification of fabrics is based on temper, grain size, frequency of temper, colour, hardness and porosity of the paste. Additional information about wall-thickness, vessel shape, rim type, decorations etc. may be added. For the temper analysis of a potsherd the enclosed fabric form was used.

Appreciation is expressed to the Prähistorische Gesellschaft Köln e.V. for purchasing the machine.


Polishing Maschine


Polishing Process


Polishing Wheel


Polished Section


Fabric Form


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