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Holocene Environment and Cultural History in Northeastern Africa

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A1 Climatic Change and Human Settlement between the Nile Valley and the Central Sahara (Geography, Preshistory)

A2 Wadi Howar: Settlement Area and Thoroughfare at the Southern Margin of the Libyan Desert (Northwestern Sudan) (Geography, Prehistory)

A3 Language and Cultural Changes in the Macro-Region, Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia (African Studies, Egyptology)

A5 Environmental Situation and Change in North Eastern Africa: The Special Example of Ancient Egypt (Egyptology)

A6 Climatical und cultural History in the Ennedi-Mountains and surrounding Areas (Social and Cultural Anthropology, Geography, Prehistory)

A7 Household Economy and Social Processes among the Beri (Bidevat, Zaghawa) and Daza of the Ennedi and Surrounding Areas

A8 From stone to metal: Late Neolithic to Early Iron Age cultural patterns and ecological conditions between central and eastern Sahara

A9 Landscape archaeology on Boni Island (northern Sudan): Environmental potential and Holocene use history of a cataract zone in comparative perspective

A10 The For language

Research areas:
Egypt, Sudan, Libya

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