Materials for secondary schools
45 Punkte Chemie + Schule [041027-MNe]
Genre: Instruction aids (PDF Document series)


Edition overview: Edition 1/2004: From malachite to Euro
Edition 1/2001: From vinylchloride to bank card
Edition 9/1999: From herbal brew to analgesic
Edition 6/1997: From scale to uv paint (part 1)
Edition 7/1998: From scale to uv paint (part 2)
Edition 5/1997: From vanilla bean to perfume
Edition 1/1999: From salt deposit to Compact Disc (updated)
Edition 2/1999: From Indian rubber tree to car tyre (updated)
Edition 3/1996: Waste prevention in chemical industry
Edition 4/1996: Safe facilities in chemical industry
Evaluation: Under the motto "Chemistry + school" we would like to inform you on interesting and practical topics from the world of chemistry and to make their handling in your lessons easier. The instruction aids are descriptively illustrated with pictures and graphics. In addition, there are data sheets which can be used as master copies or for the production of overhead foils. They can also be used as basics for presentations or theses.
Author: VCI Landesverband Nord
Download: Edition 9/1999 From herbal brew to analgesic
Edition 1/2001 From vinylchloride to bank card
Edition 1/2004 From malachite to Euro
[ The complete and free PDF series "Chemistry + school" is available on the website of VCI Landsverband Nord, category "Chemistry + School" ]
Target group: Secondary school teachers
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