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Christiane M. Bongartz is a Full Professor of English Linguistics at the University of Cologne, Germany since 2004. She is also currently the Dean of the School of Arts and Humanities. After her university graduation from the University of Cologne in 1993, she spent 12 years in the United States, working as a lecturer, research assistant, teaching assistant and assistant professor at several American universities and colleges. Her main areas of interest are theoretical linguistics, especially syntax and morphology, and applied linguistics, in particular second language acquisition and interlanguage representations. Her publications include articles and monographs on immersion and child second language acquisition as well as on generative syntax.

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Professor of English Linguistics

Prof. Dr. Christiane M. Bongartz
Englisches Seminar
Universität zu Köln
D-50923 Köln

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Prof. Dr. Christiane M. Bongartz
Dekanat der Philosophischen Fakultät
Universität zu Köln
D-50923 Köln

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Curriculum Vitae                              

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Short Bio (for long version, please use download link above):


Staatsexamen, (equivalent to MA with two majors: English language and literature, French language and literature, minor: Educational Science), University of Cologne, Germany


PhD. in English Language and Linguistics, University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA


Assistant Professor of English, Applied Linguistics, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, USA


University Professor of English Linguistics, Department of English, University of Cologne, Germany


Dean, School of Arts and Humanities, Philosophische Fakultät der Universität zu Köln



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Selected Publications and Talks: (for full list please use download link above)

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Christiane M. Bongartz, & Rymarczyk, J. (to appear). Languages across the curriculum. Frankfurt u.a.: Peter Lang. (2007) Aspekte in der Forschung, im Sprachunterricht und in der Bildungspolitik.

to appear

Christiane M. Bongartz & Mukherjee, J. (eds.). (to appear). Exploring second language varieties and learner Englishes. Anglistik (Special Issue) 20, 2. Universitätsverlag Winter: Heidelberg.


Christiane M. Bongartz (with Nadine Kolb). “Child L2 acquisition of French determiner phrases: the interpretation of generics.” Papers presented at the International Symposium on Bilingualism 7. Utrecht, Netherlands. July 10, 2009.


Christiane M. Bongartz (with Christiane Schöneberger). “Acquiring articles: overt [+def], bare nouns, and the problem of genericity in Italian and German.” Paper presented at the Congres Variation and Change. University of Amsterdam, Netherlands. Jan 30, 2009.


Christiane M. Bongartz (with Nadine Kolb). “The syntax-semantics interface in child L2 acquisition. The DP in L2 French.” Paper presented at the Second Language Research Forum. University of Hawaii at Manoa. October 19, 2008.


Christiane M. Bongartz (with Nadine Kolb). “Are the mares female? Generic uses of [+def] in childhood L2 acquisition.” Paper presented at the 18. Congress of the European Second Language Association. Aix-en-Provence, France. September 11, 2008.


Christiane M. Bongartz. “Cross-linguistic comparability of advanced learner varieties – some methodological considerations.” In M. Walter & P. Grommes (Eds.). Fortgeschrittene Lernervarietäten. Korpuslinguistik und Zweitspracherwerbsforschung. (pp. 29-44). Tübingen: Max Niemeyer Verlag.


Christiane M. Bongartz. “Studying classroom language: curricular planning and proficiency assessment in young foreign language learners.” In: S. Volk-Birke & J. Lippert (Eds.). Proceedings of Anglistentag 2006 (pp. 387-396). Trier: Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier.


Christiane M. Bongartz. “No child without support: at-risk learners in the integrated bilingual classroom.” In A. Hahn & F. Klippel (Eds.). Sprachen schaffen Chancen. Dokumentation zum 21. Kongress für Fremdsprachen-didaktik der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Fremdsprachenforschung (DGFF) München, Oktober 2005 (pp. 97-109). München, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart: Oldenbourg.


Christiane M. Bongartz. 2002. Noun combination in interlanguage. Linguistische Arbeiten 448.Tübingen: Max Niemeyer Verlag.



Research Projects:

» PAGES  -  Projekt Alphabetisierung und Grundbildung für Erwachsene im Sozialraum

» IBIS  -  Initiative for Bilingual Studies

» CEDAR  -  Cyprus English: Data Analysis and Research

» ALIC/E  -  Annotated Language Immersion Corpus / Emergence

» MAELC  -  Multimedia Adult English Learner Corpus


Editorial Responsibilities:

Editorial Board, EUROSLA Handbook
Reviewer, Applied Linguistics
Reviewer, Language Learning
Reviewer, The Modern Language Journal
Reviewer, AAAL
Series editor, Inquiries in Language Learning, Peter Lang



Board member, EUROSLA
Board member, SLATE
Board member, Europäische Rechtslinguistik
Board member, Fachausschuss Kultur, Deutsche UNESCO-Kommission
Board member, SLATE – Second Language Acquisition and Testing
Authorial team, DUDEN-Langenscheidt, Englisch 1/Englisch 2



You can find Christiane M. Bongartz' present, future and past courses on her » uk-online homepage.

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» Lehr- und Forschungszentrum für Europa-Studien
» Lehr- und Forschungszentrum für Inter- und Transkulturelle Studien (CITS)
» Zentrum Sprachenvielfalt und Mehrsprachigkeit




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