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17th Century Women Poets

"If Eve did erre, it was for knowledge sake"

Aemilia Lanyer’s passionate re-interpretation of the Fall is one of the more daring examples of a 17th century woman writer trying to define her role in terms strinkingly different from established beliefs and concepts. And Lanyer was not the only woman who ventured to put her views into print . Recent scholarship has provided abundant proof of the impressive number of 17th century women writers and poets who engaged in contemporary discussions about women's public and private role and apppropriated many literary genres and styles for their artistic and political purposes.

It seems that knowledge, to many of them, was worth falling for, or, in the words of Rachel Speght,

...then wherefore shall
A woman have her intellect in vaine,
Or not endeavour Knowledge to attain.

These pages list some of the currently available Internet resources: biographical and bibliographical information on particular poets, selected poems, articles from electronic journals, some online resources on 17th century history and culture, pictures, a course outline and a bibliography.

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