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WOCAL 6 · Cologne

“African Linguistics for Understanding and Progress”

(August 17-21, 2009)

Umriss Kontinent Afrika

Call for papers (closed)

Dear colleagues,

the 6 th World Congress of African Linguistics (WOCAL6) will be held in Cologne, Germany from August 17 to 21, 2009 (Monday to Friday).

WOCAL6-Cologne (2009) continues the WOCAL series of Kwaluseni , Swaziland (1994), Leipzig, Germany (1997), Lomé, Togo (2000), Rutgers, USA (2003), Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (2006) and the interim Special WOCAL6 in São Paulo, Brasil (2008).


The theme of WOCAL6 is African Linguistics for Understanding and Progress. 288 papers on topics relating to all aspects of the study of African languages (including African sign languages) have been accepted for being presented at WOCAL6-COLOGNE.

Main Sections

  1. Language Contact
  2. Morpho-Syntax
  3. Language Documentation
  4. Phonetics and Phonology
  5. Typology
  6. Semantics
  7. Sociolinguistics
  8. Language Technology
  9. Language and Development

Papers on various aspects of African sign languages will be presented in a seperate African Sign language workshop.

The WOCAL6 congress language is English. Papers can be presented in any other language, but abstracts of all papers must be submitted in English.

Registration of non-presenting participants

  • WOCAL6 or
  • African Sign language workshop only
  • Full name, e-mail AND postal address
  • Country of residence (in August 2009)
  • Nationality (in passport, for visa application)

Payment in Cologne at the Congress (yes/no)


An invitation letter to facilitate your preparations for the Congress will be sent on request after submitting the above information. Note that sending you this letter does not mean that you will get financial support from us. It should, however, help you apply for a German visa or financial support from your university or other institutions.

All Congress participants are urged to be in possession of a valid health insurance. The organizers will not be in a position to accept any responsibilities for medical care nor any other health costs which individual participants may incur.


Correspondence should be directed to E-mail: WOCAL6@uni-koeln.de

Postal mailing address:

c/o Matthias Brenzinger
Institut fuer Afrikanistik
University of Cologne
50923 KOELN


We look forward to hearing from you,

WOCAL6 organizing committee



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