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Section A: Holocene Environment and Cultural History in Northeastern Africa
  • A1 - Climatic Change and Human Settlement between the Nile Valley and the Central Sahara
  • A2 - Wadi Howar: Settlement Area and Thoroughfare at the Southern Margin of the Libyan Desert
  • A3 - Language and Cultural Changes in the Macro-Region, Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia
  • A5 - Environmental Situation and Change in North Eastern Africa: The Special Example of Ancient Egypt
  • A6 - Climatical und cultural History in the Ennedi-Mountains and surrounding Areas
  • A7 - Household Economy and Social Processes among the BeRí (Bideyat, Zaghawa) and Daza of the Ennedi and its Surroundings
  • A8 - From stone to metal: Late Neolithic to Early Iron Age cultural patterns and ecological conditions between central and eastern Sahara
  • A9 - Landscape archaeology on Boni Island (northern Sudan): Environmental potential and Holocene use history of a cataract zone in comparative perspective
  • A10 - The For language

  Section B: History of the Environment, Settlement and Language in Southwestern Africa
  • B1 - Migration, Settlement and Cultural History on the Basis of Linguistic Sources
  • B4 - Palaeoecology and the Late Holocene Occupation of Northern Namibia
  • B5 - Soils, Colluviums and Valley Sediments as Indicators of Climatic Change and Landscape Evolution
  • B7 - Modelling Vulnerability in Kaokoveld (Northern Namibia) using Remote Sensing
  Section C: Land Usage and Survival Strategies in Southwestern Africa
  • C1 - Crisis Management and Risk Minimization among Pastoralists, Peasants, and (former) Foragers in southern Africa
  • C8 - Ethnic Groups and Nationalities in a Period of Political, Economic and Social Change in Northern Namibia since 1915
  • C10 - Demographic, economic and social transformations in a Namibian multiethnic region
  • C11 - Landscape and Memory in postcolonial Namibia
  • C13 - Ideology, Practice and Power: Linking Land Reform, Conservation and Democratisation in Southern Africa

Section E: Land Usage and -Concepts in regional and transcontinental comparison
  • E1 - GIS-based Atlas of Holocene Land Use Potential for Selected Research Areas
  • E2 - The Interaction between Economic Change and Sociocultural Change
  • E3 - Africa's Arid Zones of Trade and Cultural Interaction

Projects, associated
• VW Junior Research Group: Savanna Range Management (

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African Studies
Social and Cultural Anthropology

Study Groups:
   • Degradation
   • History, Cultural Traditions and Innovations in Southern Africa

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Analyzing the Carrying Capacity of North Namibian Pastures Using Remote Sensing Techniques
History, Cultural Traditions and Innovations in Southern Africa
Demography of Human Populations in Arid Areas


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