Tilman Lenssen-Erz  


Tilman Lenssen-Erz

Africa Research Unit
Institute of Prehistoric Archaeology
University of Cologne

Jennerstr. 8
D - 50823 Köln

Tel. (**49)(0)221-556680
Fax (**49)(0)221-5502303



Heinrich Barth


Association of Southern African Professional Archaeologists
AURAAustralian Rock Art Research Association
HBIHeinrich-Barth-Institut e.V., Cologne
SAASThe South African Archaeological Society

Focus of Research

Scientific activities:
Field research; documentation of rock art; publications; development and application of concepts for the documentation and analysis of rock art; development of programs and concepts for research.

Scientific concepts: textual rock art archaeology; empirical systematization (post-structuralistic); cognition; gender roles; social management; use and cognition of space; ecology of rock art; landscape archaeology (“lifeworld archaeology”); rock art as a medium of communication; concepts of use of cultural heritage.

Regional focus: Southern Africa, Eastern Sahara

Secondary foci: cooperation with universities, museums and monuments authorities in the partner countries; cooperation with local stakeholders in CBCRM (Community based cultural resource management) and CBT (Community based tourism); training; flow-back of know-how; cooperation with the media; exhibitions; member of the board of the Heinrich-Barth-Institut e.V.; fund-raising.

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