PhD Student Position Availbale

Applications are invited from talented, creative and motivated students holding a Master degree or its equivalent to elucidate the molecular mechanisms that link stress signaling to the regulation of gene expression and the maintenance of genome integrity during development, aging and diseases.

Throughout an animal’s lifetime, cells continuously react to the changing environment and coordinate their behaviors to maintain tissue homeostasis and function. They do so by activating signal transduction pathways that evoke changes in gene expression. The rapid switch of cellular transcriptome requires the activity of specific transcription factors and the precise processing of the native pre-mRNAs by the spliceosome. The aberrant gene expression as a consequence of spliceosome malfunction hallmarks age-associated tissue decline and a wide range of diseases including neurodegeneration, cancer, and chronic inflammatory disorders.

The available project focuses on investigating the mechanisms underlying spliceosome assembly and functions under physiological, stress and disease conditions and understanding what renders different transcripts, cells, and tissues sensitive to aberrant splicing. Moreover, we are interested in deciphering how cells affected by spliceosome malfunction communicate the defects to their neighbors within the same tissue and systemically to the distant organs. Our group uses Drosophila and mouse models, insect and mammalian cultured cells. We combine genetics and genome engineering with a wide range of cell and molecular biology techniques, advanced microscopy and live imaging, biochemistry, genomic and proteomic approaches.

Candidates must have expertise in molecular and cell biology techniques, and deep interest in the mechanisms of signaling and gene regulation in development and disease. Strong background in genetics is required, and knowledge of basic bioinformatics tools is welcome. Experience with model organisms e.g. Drosophila, mouse is an advantage. Good communication skills, fluency in spoken and written English, and sense for a team work are essential.

The position is available immediately on a part-time (65%) basis. The initial contract is limited to 3 years with a goal of obtaining a doctorate. The salary is based on the TV-L 13 pay scale for the German public sector if applicant meets the relevant wage and qualification requirements.

Your application should include:

  • a Cover Letter explaining a specific motivation for the application
  • your Curriculum Vitae including your publication list
  • a brief statement of scientific achievements
  • a summary of research interests
  • contact information for two references
  • Email your application as a single PDF file to: uhlirova-jobs[at]

    The successful candidates will benefit from a stimulating, multidisciplinary and highly interactive research environment of the CECAD Excellence Cluster at the University campus. Oversight of graduate student training is performed by the International Graduate School of Biological Sciences.

    Student Assistant Position Available

    We seek a motivated, enthusiastic, reliable and organized student, ideally of a Master’s program in Life Sciences, to support our project work. The applicant should have an interest in genetics, molecular and cell biology and prior experience in basic laboratory techniques. Proficiency in English and the ability to work in a team are essential.

    The position is immediately available for up to 8 hours a week for at least 6 months (flexible time scheme possible). Payment will will be according to the training level of the candidates, either student or research assistant (SHK, WHK, WHB).

    Methods will predominantly be related to genotyping of our genetically modified Drosophila and mouse strains (genomic DNA isolation, purification and PCR). Dependent on the qualification, the student may also contribute to the ongoing fly genetic screens, including fly handling, setting up crosses, immunostaining, imaging and data processing.

    To apply, send a brief application describing your intent and your CV by email to: uhlirova-jobs[at]

    Personal Assistant Position Available