Drosophila Tumor Model

Our interest has been focused on elucidating the complex role of the stress-inducible Jun-N-terminal kinase (JNK) pathway during malignant transformation using the Drosophila tumor model. (MORE INFORMATION) firefox

Stress Signaling and Homeostasis

The integration of metabolic and immune responses is an essential aspect of homeostasis. The ability to withstand starvation and mount an effective defense against pathogens is a fundamental prerequisite for organismal survival. Our lab uses the Drosophila model to better understand the underlying molecular mechanisms linking metabolic and immune system homeostasis. (MORE INFORMATION) firefox

Splicing in development and disease

We are interested in stress signaling events associated with defective splicing and thier consequences on development and homeostasis (MORE INFORMATION) firefox

Regulation of Epithelial Morphogenesis

Epithelial morphogenesis underlies tissue and organ formation during animal development as well as during tissue regeneration. The best-known examples in Drosophila include the embryonic dorsal closure, formation of the adult thorax, and wound healing. We are interested in the less-well characterized process of fly abdominal morphogenesis, which involves replacement of larval epidermal cells (LECs) with adult histoblasts during metamorphosis. (MORE INFORMATION) firefox