Information for PhD and postdoctoral candidates, MSc and Bc students

We invite applications from talented, creative and motivated candidates to elucidate the molecular mechanisms that link stress signaling to the regulation of gene expression and the maintenance of genome integrity during development, homeostatic tissue maintenance, aging and diseases.

We investigate

  • how diverse stress signals impact transcription factor and spliceosome activity and splicing accuracy
  • the mechanisms underlying functional plasticity of the spliceosome to generate cell type- and life stage-specific splicing patterns
  • the stress-inducible and DNA damage-related factors and networks that respond to spliceosome deregulation and their contribution to the loss of tissue homeostasis, premature aging, and disease phenotypes.
  • the crosstalk between epithelial tumors and innate immune cells
  • the transcription factor network that orchestrates macrophage differentiation and function during inflammation

Our group uses Drosophila and mouse models, insect and mammalian cultured cells. We combine functional genetics and genome engineering with a wide range of cell and molecular biology and advanced microscopy techniques, biochemistry, and omic approaches.

Your Profile:

  • Studies in Biology/Biochemistry/Biophysics or related areas of Life Sciences
  • Motivated, curious and creative to answer exciting biological questions with a strong ability for problem-solving through critical analytical thinking
  • Keen interest in the mechanisms of signaling and regulation of gene expression in development and disease
  • Ability to drive the project with a high degree of independence
  • Good communication skills, fluency in English, sense for a teamwork and commitment to high-quality research
  • Strong background in genetics and molecular biology is essential
  • Experience with model organisms (e.g. Drosophila, mouse), imaging techniques, and knowledge of bioinformatic tools is a strong added value

To apply, please submit the following information:

Doctoral and Postdoctoral candidates:

  • a one-page letter summarizing your research interests and motivation for the application
  • a brief statement of scientific achievements
  • your Curriculum Vitae, including your publication list
  • proof of the qualification, copies of your degree certificates
  • contact information for two to three academic references

Bachelor and Master's student candidates:

  • a brief summary of your scientific interests
  • a statment on motivation for the application
  • your Curriculum Vitae
  • a copy of your University transcript

The University of Cologne is an equal opportunity employer in compliance with the German disability laws. Women and persons with disabilities with equal capability, suitability and professional experience are strongly encouraged to apply. The successful candidates will benefit from a stimulating, multidisciplinary and highly interactive research environment of the CECAD Cluster at the University campus.

All questions concerning the positions should be directed to uhlirova-jobs[at]