Agreements with Chinese Partners

Memorandum of Understanding (German)
hinsichtlich der Zusammenarbeit zwischen School of Geography Sciences and Planning, Sun Yat-Sen Universität und Geographisches Institut, Universität Köln
download [pdf-file, 1 mb]

Memorandum of Understanding (Mandarin)
on the Cooperation between School of Geography Sciences and Planning, Sun Yat-Sen University, and Department of Geography, Cologne University
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Agreements with Indian Partners

Memorandum of Understanding
between the Pune Municipal Corporation, the Bharati Vidyapeeht Institute of Environment Education and Research and the German Consortium "Governing Emerging Megacities - Water, Health and Quality of Life"
download [pdf-file, 2,53 mb]

Signature of the MoU by the Commissioner of Pune, Dr. Nitin Kareer, and Prof. Dr. Kraas from the University of Cologne. Pune, March 2006 (from left to right: Prof. Dr. Kraas, Dr. Nitin Kareer, Ulrich Nitschke, Erach Bharucha and Dr. Thomas Krafft)