Work Packages

WP 1: Governability and Steering Factors

Focus: Analysis and understanding of actor networks regarding the functioning of government structures, procedures and implementation (in the field of water and health); understanding of forms, modes, strengths, weaknesses and specific bottlenecks in the socio-cultural embedding and functional decision-making processes, with particular regard to the dynamic planning processes.

WP 2: Quality of Life and Housing

Focus: Conceptualisation of modern approaches, meanings and attitudes of quality of life and housing in the specific socio- and cross-cultural contexts in order to understand the related expectations, aspirations and values in the different megaurban societies, particularly the new middle classes, means of improving coherent, harmonious societies.

WP 3: Water and Environmental Changes

Focus: Identification of available water bodies and fluxes, their quantity, quality and pollution, and potential habitats of diseases; analysis of central/decentral structures of water supply and prognostic development of future demand patterns, assessment of the interconnectivity of water supply, quality of life and health of urban dwellers. Introduced tools: remote sensing, GIS, quantitative /qualitative methods. Envisaged: implementation of rapid assessment techniques as input component for the decision support system.

WP 4: Health

Focus: Analysis of the organisation and strategies of public health, understanding health system strengths, weaknesses, options; perception of environmental risks; inventory and understanding of social group specific risk factors and vulnerability; assessment of water-/vector-borne diseases, role of traditional medicine, importance of migration and migration patterns for public health strategies, role of habitat changes for emerging infectious diseases.

WP 5: Indicator Systems

Focus: Joint development of an interdisciplinary concept of indicators, the establishment of reliable indicator systems to ensure bench- marking and assessment of the performance of the systems. Prerequisite: Analysis and evaluation of the suitability and limitations of existing indicator systems as a basis for further development.

WP 6: Multimedia and Visualisation

Foucs: The establishment of 3D- and multimedia-based visualisation tools for information, support decision-making and participation policy processes.

WP 7: Education and Public Participation

Focus: Further awareness and consciousness rising within administration, private sector and wider public by the joint development of appropriate educational tools and programmes in basic and higher education as well as information and participation activities.

WP 8: Decision Support System

Focus: Joint development and establishment of an adequate information policy and a dynamic monitoring system and the construction of a comprehensive decision support system together with administrative units, the private sector and the wider public. This includes the generation of online information systems (provision of basic statistical, spatial, networks information etc.; with gradual distinguishable access entries, interactive information and participation via internet, including the aspect of high development dynamics).

All work packages have to be embedded in permanent feedback analyses during implementation.